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The future of skincare is here.

We treat a variety of skin concerns, including Acne, Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH), Acne Scarring, Melasma, Rosacea, Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Pore Size, Dullness, Texture, and Tone.

Our facials are customized to best suit your personal skincare needs and are safe and effective for all skin types and tones, providing scientifically-proven results with little-to-no downtime.

Meet our leading-edge facials.

Expensive Dermatologist visits are a
thing of the past.
Step into one of our California beach bungalow inspired clinics and transform your skin in just
15-30 minutes with one of our medical-grade facials.

Laser facial

  • 15 MINUTES


  • Boosts collagen production

  • Treats active acne breakouts

  • Reduces pore size & sebum levels

  • Decreases rosacea & redness

  • Diminishes and blends melasma & hyperpigmentation

  • Tightens skin to reduce fine lines & wrinkles

Laser facial

  • 15 MINUTES


  • Kills acne-causing bacteria

  • Throughly cleanses pores & dries up excess sebum

  • Decreases future breakouts

  • Exfoliates skin by removing dead skin cells

  • Removes damaged collagen

  • Carbon lotion facilitates the removal of pigment on the top layer of the skin

Fractional facial

  • 15 MINUTES


  • Smooths acne scars

  • Plumps and fill in fine lines & wrinkles

  • Smooths out irregular texture

  • Removes dead skin cells

  • Brightens dull skin

  • Reduces the appearance of enlarged pores

Ultra Duo

  • 30 MINUTES


  • A powerful combination of our Signature and Fractional laser facials.

  • Treats multiple skin concerns all at once followed by a choice of 3 medical-grade serums for advanced repair.

We are a Medical Company.

Our medical team consists of Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants, trained and guided by board certified Dermatologists, Physicians, and medical professionals, to deliver optimal protocols.

While other companies also offer hair removal, tattoo removal, injectables, sculpting, or other procedures, we specialize in only one thing – Laser and TMA™ Facials.

Real clients,
real results.

Sound too good to be true? Let the results speak for themselves*.

*Results may vary, click image to learn more.

*Results may vary
Results May Vary

Skin Concern


Treatment Plan

6 Ultra Duo's

"The last two years I struggled with cystic acne, which left scarring and pigmentation issues. I have tried a lot of different treatments such as microneedling, LED lights and monthly facials. Laser treatments were new for me, but it works!"

Results May Vary

Skin Concern


Treatment Plan

30 Signature + Fractional Laser Facials

"I have been going to skin laundry for two years now and my skin has made a complete transformation! When I turned 25 I got cystic acne. It was painful and really hurt my self esteem. I didn’t want to go out or barely leave my house for anything other than work. I tried so many products and medications but nothing was helping until I starting going to skin laundry consistently. The staff at the Scottsdale Quarter location are always amazing and make you feel beautiful in your skin. I am confident about my skin now more than ever! Honestly, life changing."

Results May Vary

Skin Concern


Treatment Plan

6 Signature Laser Facials

"I stuck with Skin Laundry because this was the first time I felt my skin texture improve and not revert back, with each session I felt more hope and got closer to my dream skin.”

Results May Vary

Skin Concern

Acne, Rosacea

Treatment Plan

9 Signature Laser Facials

"The signature laser facial has been a game changer for how my face looks. I love that it targets both my active acne and helps diffuse old acne marks."

Results May Vary

Skin Concern

Acne, Texture

Treatment Plan

4 Ultra Duo Laser Facials

"I've had such a good experience with the treatments at Skin Laundry and noticed results right away. About 4 days after each treatment I feel that my skin looks healthy and glowing. Lately I've been getting compliments on my skin and was even asked if I was wearing make-up when I wasn't! The laser treatments at Skin Laundry have helped me to move past the hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone that was keeping me from having the skin I always wanted. I used to feel that I couldn't leave the house without concealer and now I gladly go out with a bare face."

Results May Vary

Skin Concern

Acne, Hyperpigmentation, Texture

Treatment Plan

1 Ultra Duo

"I’ve always had hormonal acne, throughout my teenage years and now into my 20’s. I’ve tried antibiotics and topical creams from my doctor, but nothing solved the problem for long. When I started my treatments at Skin Laundry, I immediately noticed my active breakouts dry up and fade. My skin felt tight and glowed like it never has before. Plus, my hyperpigmentation is fading and my skin feels healthier than ever."

Results May Vary

Skin Concern


Treatment Plan

10 Signature + Fractional Laser Facials

“I am super happy with the Skin Laundry treatments, they are the only thing that has truly worked for my skin.”

Results May Vary

Skin Concern

Acne, PIH

Treatment Plan

11 Signature + Fractional Laser Facials

"There’s really a big difference in my skin after my treatments and using the products. My skin has less breakouts and the scarring is fading.This is the longest in a very long time that I don’t have a new, big and very annoying acne. It’s definitely a confidence booster."

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